More Food, More Energy, Better Health Through Biosciences

Iowa State is known for its contribution to global agriculture. Plant and animal science became the foundation of a diverse and wide-reaching range of bioscience research. Our Plant Sciences Institute is developing new science, transferring the technology, and achieving tangible results with the help of a global network of experts. Using genomic data, agronomics, and robotics, we are creating crops tolerant to radical climates across the globe.

We are also on the cutting edge of fossil fuel alternatives, using plant matter to produce bio-based polymers and petroleum substitutes that are environmentally sound and extraordinarily useful. Our BioCentury Research Farm is a first-in-the-nation research and demonstration facility dedicated to breakthroughs in biomass production and processing.

Perhaps the most exciting product of our bioscience focus is the genomic work that holds great promise in treating AIDS, Ebola, TB, and other diseases that could threaten a highly populated world.